Pierre Nachbaur

Pierre Nachbaur Art presents a collection of Tribal Art from South East Asia and the West Pacific, principally from Indonesia, Borneo, Nias, Java, Sumatra, Flores and Sulawesi. The collection includes figure of ancestors, hampatongs, charms and “shamanic” objects from Borneo, ritual tankard from Nias, sigalegale, statues and elements of Batak architecture from Sumatra… Pierre Nachbaur Art offers as well classical pieces from Bali and Java of the Majapahit and Shrivijaya Era, originating from great European private collections. The objects are available for viewing in either France (Paris) or Portugal (Lisbon).

Feel free to contact us concerning any inquiries you may have.

Pierre Nachbaur Art whishes to thank Alain Schoffel, who twenty five years ago, during the sell of a hampatong shared his passion for tribal art and patiently taught how to read tribal art objects.
We also would like to thank Bruce Carpenter for his knowledge and expertise and the kind
help he provided in the description of some of the items.
Last, a warm thank you to Chino Roncoroni for his constant support and friendship,
without him nothing would have been possible.