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Interview with Aimery Joessel (Foreword by Susi Johnston)

Aimery Joessel is a modest, soft-spoken master of many aesthetic disciplines. He lives quietly with his wife and son near Ubud, in the midst of a small garden behind his tribal art gallery, Nusantara. Joessel has come a long way from his roots in Provence; the scion of a long line of artists dating back several centuries. After spending his youth Cannes, he studied at the prestigious National Academy of Art and Design in Nice, where he deepened his talents as a painter, draughtsman and illustrator. 

It was around that time Joessel first visited Asia, and immediately felt compelled to return again and again, until he ultimately made Bali his permanent home. While the region that was once French Indochine has been Joessel's introduction to Asia, he discovered in Bali qualities that are far more complex, more challenging, and more aesthetically arresting. As he puts it himself, "Beauty is a force, a constant struggle. In Bali it is everywhere."

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Interview with Bruce W. Carpenter, co-author of “Batak Sculpture”

Why was the reason behind the book?
After researching and authoring four books on expatriate artists in Bali I was ready to write about my true love the tribal art of Indonesia which I feel has always been under-appreciated in spite of its power and significance. The opportunity came to do so when I was invited by my good friend, Achim Sibeth, then Southeast Asia curator at Frankfurt's World Museum and renowned Batak expert, to join him.

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